Develop and Implement Buying and/or Risk Management Strategies

  • Negotiate vendor contracts by coaching your in-house buyers or by acting as the actual buying agent for key contract buying events.
  • Monitor contract progress/depletion to ensure there are no overages or gaps between contracts.
  • Preview/Anticipate Next  Moves:
    • Trigger hedge to buy decisions
    • Trigger next buy timing decisions
    • Set buy target levels to trigger next Senior Team buying review of ownership positions and future strategies.

Procurement Department Evaluation

  • Facilitate interdepartmental communication (between IT, Sales, Marketing,etc...) to help ensure that the whole company is focused on a unified direction and working together towards a common goal.
  • Determine if your current IT/Data Base is keeping you competitive and can recommend techniques, resources, and solutions to keep your department ahead of the curve.
  • Evaluate your procurement department and provide a plan for Right Sizing based on your current, and future required, Staffing Levels and Skill Levels.
  • Coach buyers to:
    • Improve negotiation skills
    • Develop data and tracking tools to monitor contract depletion and markets.

Track Key Commodity Markets

  • Written Weekly Commodity Report.
  • Special Seasonal market report sections included in weekly report.
  • On Request deeper dive analysis of individual markets discussing historical trends, buying opportunities and future prospects.
  • In Person commodity reports to discuss market trends, buying strategies and risk management strategies.

Universal Sourcing Agent

  • Identify vendors for new, unique, or hard to find items; finding exactly what you need at the price you can afford.

Act as your In House Market Expert for Your External Customer Community

  • Market presentations at your customers' offices explaining the current markets and how they impact pricing and availability.
  • Provide weekly commodity reports: “Provided as a courtesy by your vendor….”